about us

With this project we want to focus attention on the part of Bulgarian society, which has never ceased to defend their democratic convictions, despite the communist repression. The people have been persecuted, humiliated and physically destroyed. About this part of society is very rarely spoken. The name of the slain politician, writer, journalist and many honest people are now almost unknown. Their graves only know their murderer. They were declared to the Sovietization of Bulgaria and therefore to “enemies of the people”.

Little is known about the resistance in Bulgaria, about the repression experienced in prisons, labor camps and the daily violence. It was forbidden to talk about it, even in the immediate family. That is one reason why the younger generation do not know much about the communist terror.

This project is our contribution to the united Europe, for a better understanding of the causes of the present state of Bulgaria. They are rooted in a number of unfair geopolitical decisions and faulty actions in recent times. The history of Bulgaria is part of the history of Europe. Human rights and democracy are our common good, for which thousands of Bulgarians gave their lives. The relationship to the victims of communism and the disadvantages of the Sovietization of Eastern Europe after World War II are a pan-European problem that is still underestimated and not enough illuminated.